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To all the ones who don’t belong
To all the ones who are bullied
The road doesn’t end
It may not get easier but that’s what life is.

Follow your own heart.
Follow your own path.
Take the road no one dares travel.
Be a misfit in all its glory.

Love to be who you are.
Love to be what you can be.
You see what no one else can
You view this world like no one else.

Do not let them tell you that you are wrong.
They are the ones who are wrong.
Who you are is what you were meant to be.

Tell them that they were wrong.
Tell them that you can stand on your own.
You are not afraid to fight.
You are you and you belong.

They were wrong.
They were always wrong.
Do not believe what they tell you.
Follow your own path.

You are a misfit.
You are a genius.
You are a reader.
You are a geek.
They are wrong.
So after talking with someone else here on DA I decided to post this poem that I wrote when I was in elementary school and finally managed to find in my book shelf. I was reading at a college level or higher when I was in second grade hence the advanced vocab for like a fifth grader.
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February 14, 2014


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